Northerly Aspect Architects Services

Northerly Aspect Architects guarantees satisfaction; we guarantee that if you will follow our lead, and allow us to put all of the systems in place that are required, you will get the home of your dreams - or your fees back.

We provide a range of comprehensive services from initial concept sketch plans all the way through to helping to select the curtains and furniture.

At Northerly Aspect we do things a bit different from other Architects, Drafts persons and Building Designers. We provide our services up to the key “milestones” of your project. Depending on the level of service you require, our architectural service comprises the following stages:

Silver Service
In this phase we begin by reviewing your ideas, dreams and aspirations (the design brief), review the site conditions and constraints, aspects and views, the orientation, site access, space allowances, energy efficiency, local, state and national planning codes.

Once the initial concept sketches have been created the we meet with the you regularly to obtain feedback on the designs, and then refine the designs. In this phase the we prepare single line plans and variations of buildable schemes, indicating the relationships of the different components. The concept is further refined to suit your needs, after which, exterior colour 3D perspectives are presented.

At this point we stop and have an external consultant provide you with a detailed cost estimate of how much it will cost to build your project – before you have spent thousands of dollars, and months of time, just to find out it cost too much…

Based on the approved concept design documents, we prepare further detailed documents and outline specifications describing all aspects of the projects size and character.

Most projects require the input from a number secondary, specialists consultants – we will advise and guide you through, firstly who is required, their fees and then we will manage their service delivery.

Northerly Aspect Architects prepares documents for an application to the local council, or a private certifier, for a building permit.


Gold Service

We work with you to interior design the project. We work with you to select the floor finishes (timber, tile, carpet, or something new and different), we select the internal colour palette – the wall paint colours, the kitchen benchtops and cabinets. We pick the lights, the light switches, the door handles, the cabinet knobs, the colour of the grout between the tiles….

All so you get the home you dreamed of.


All of your selections are scheduled, detailing the material and colour selections and data on any additional systems or equipment to be incorporated into the final documents, with the exception of movable furnishings, window treatments or equipment.

Once all architectural drawings, schedules, specifications, secondary consultant’s documents are complete we call tenders from a number of builders. We would control the tender process, on your behalf and answer and queries the builders might have. We then evaluate all submissions from the builders and make a recommendation to you on which is the builder for your project.

Platinum Service
If you lead a busy life or feel that you could be “ripped off”, hire us to fight for you.

Some building contracts allow for an architect to be the administrator of the contract. In this role our architects provide an independent voice to reviewing the construction based solely on its merits.

The architect visits the site as appropriate to follow the progress of the work and ensures that you are getting the level of quality that you are paying for.

On your behalf we evaluate the builder’s applications for payment but will not guarantee performance by the builder or supervise construction means, methods, or safety precautions. We know when a payment is valid, and when something is being tried on.

At predetermined points the architect would carry out defect inspections on the project and report these defects to the client and builder, to be rectified.

In addition, during this phase the architect carries out additional tasks such as attending site meetings, provide supplementary details and information and review shop drawings for design intent, but not approve.


Other Services we offer include:

  • Site Selection and evaluation
  • Master Planning / Urban Planning
  • Interior Designs
  • Brief preparation
  • Existing conditions / measured drawings
  • Presentation perspectives
  • Post occupancy evaluations
  • Environmentally sustainable development reviews